Building Safer Communities with Customized Offender Exclusion Zones

ReliAlert™ XC3 with SecureCuff™

The safest and most reliable monitoring device ever made.

SafeTracks™ is the only supplier of the ReliAlert™ XC3 in Canada, providing Electronic Monitoring Solutions to some of the largest Law Enforcement agencies in the country.

SafeTracks™ equips officers and emergency personnel with the tools they need to easily analyze intelligence, securely collaborate on investigations, manage cases, produce reports, and respond to crime as it happens.

  • Activated by Monitoring Center

  • Encased hardened steel band with Tamper Detection

  • Communicate directly with Offender in real-time

  • Featuring a Call Button

Here for you, 100% of the Time

24/7/365 Monitoring

Live Intervention Monitoring
SafeTracks™ Canadian Monitoring Center operators are highly trained to react to real-time emergency situations in 170 languages. Our staff communicates directly to Law Enforcement and Emergency Support Staff.

Offender Data

Data Stored in Canada
SafeTracks™ is the only GPS Ankle Bracelet supplier in Canada that maintains data storage on Canadian soil.


Web Based Platform
TrackerPAL™ is the world’s most advanced location analysis tool allowing for a detailed breakdown of offender behavior and patterns.

STGPS University

Free Personal and Online Training
SafeTracks™ University provides additional training to Law Enforcement and Emergency Support Staff. SafeTracks™ U is password protected and free for SafeTracks™ clients. >LOGIN

Using Analytics to Turn Data Into Actionable Intelligence

Introducing the world’s leading GPS analysis solution that instantly analyzes seemingly unrelated data to identify associations, patterns and trends and visualizes them to help you draw conclusions and allocate resources more effectively.
A proven intelligence and investigative asset that has been used to support counter-terrorism operations, investigate organized crime, and analyze serious criminal activity in multiple countries and continents.

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